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Abilitations Tool Chest




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Tool Chests For Teens offers sensory tools that work for the older set all found for you by Diana A. Henry. Let the Tools for Teens Handbook be your guide to creating successful teens at home and in school. The Sacred Earth Drums CD is great for completing homework or arriving in new environments in a calm, grounded state. The amazing tools and strategies include: Chair ball to sit on/exercise, 65 cm (movement/muscle tool) Chair ball to sit on/exercise 75 cm (movement/muscle tool) Core Disc With Pellets (movement/touch pressure tool) Large StretchEze (muscle tool) Theraband work-out bands (muscle tool) Exertube Medium (muscle tool) Group Loop (muscle tool) Ribbed Weighted Lap Pad (touch pressure tool) Back-T-Pack Backpack (correct ergonomic tool) ChewEase Pencil Topper (mouth tool) Watchminder 2 (eye tool) Juggle Bean Balls (eye tool) Three scent inhalers (nose tool) Weighted Mechanical Pen (hand/finger tool) Ergo Soft PenAgain (hand/finger tool) Faster Blaster Pump (muscle tool) Treasure Chest Containers (muscle tool). Kit components subject to change based upon availability.

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