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Sportime 24 ft Dia Porthole Parachute




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Sportime’s exclusive Porthole Parachute simply eliminates the problem of being cutoff from direct visual supervision, individuals underneath could not see out and outsiders could not see in a parachute. Now, large, heavy-duty mesh portholes are perfectly positioned in every panel to provide clear visibility from inside or out. Super-Durable Handles are set inside the hem, rolled around the rope, and then stitched to itself. The result is a 4-layer construction, where stitching goes through the handle webbing, through the first layer of nylon, back through the webbing, and out through a 2nd layer of nylon. The 20 ft Porthole Parachute made from water-resistant nylon, features 16 panels (Red, Green, Yellow, Violet), 22 double-sewn handles, a 3/8 in thick perimeter cord and mesh Portholes in each panel.