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Sportime GripStarChute Parachute with 12 Handles, 12 Feet


Fun for the Whole Class!


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GripStarChute Parachute has an incredibly strong 3/8 inch diameter, braided, polyester rope cable. A GripStar handle is set inside the hem, rolled around the rope, and then stitched to itself. The result is a 4-layer construction, where stitching goes through the handle webbing, through the first layer of nylon, back through the webbing and out through a 2nd layer of nylon. It does so in a way that places all the force exerted by the handle directly upon the virtually indestructible rope cable. The upgraded mesh and stitching of the vent hole, allows air through, while keeping out small heads and objects. The water-resistant parachute’s 12 feet diameter with 12 handles and 37-1/2 feet circumference provides room for 15 to 18 participants. GripStarChute is backed with an unconditional, 3-year guarantee.