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Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid 300 mg Capsules – Hypo – 100 Ct


Produces energy in the body and supports reduction of ammonia levels.


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Kirkman’s Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid is an organic acid that is important for the metabolism of all essential amino acids and the transfer of cellular energy. It also plays a role in healthy bones, skin and intestinal health. Alpha-ketoglutarate levels decline as we age. Metabolic flexibility also declines with age. Alpha-ketoglutaric supplementation is a good way to minimize that decline and increase your energy and endurance.

By itself, alpha-ketoglutaric acid is a strong organic acid, and taking it by mouth can upset the stomach or irritate the esophagus. Kirkman® has solved this problem by blending alpha-ketoglutaric acid with calcium and magnesium salts to produce a “bielement buffered alpha-ketoglutaric acid” that will not produce excess
acidity. This product has a great citrus taste!

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