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Multi-Texture Chewy Bar

Chew Stixx Tough Bar – The Tough Bar simulates food textures to assist children with sensory problems.

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The Chew Stixx Bar provides varying textures which imitate food and lessen TMJ problems. When utilised correctly, the Tough Bar offers a safe substitute for kids who chew on pencils, fingers, shirts and other things. It fuses numerous food imitating textures into a single affordable bar. It is also a great source of sensory input for kids who need it.

The textures found in this Stixx Bar were made by therapists to replicate constantly changing food textures thereby helping kids dealing with sensory challenges when particular textures are put in their mouth.
Please note this Tough Bar is a device for oral motor assistance and not a toy, thus its use should always be supervised by a therapist or adult. The FDA approved Chew Stixx Tough Bar is incredibly long-lasting but must be replaced once it starts to wear out.

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