OrtoNature Sensory Floor Mats – Greatest Collection


30 Tiles!  Each Tile is about 10″ x 10″ and 1″ Thick

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The SensoryStore.com proudly offers the OrtoNature Sensory Floor Mats – Greatest Collection!

Sensory Play Mat: Massage your feet and hands with all day play. Good for indoor, outdoor and classroom fun. Exercise mat and foot massager. Each mat is uniquely designed. Childrens time spent playing is never wasted. Multiple fun designs. Occupy hours of play.

OrtoNature Sensory Floor Mats – Development of orthopedic puzzle mats “Ortonature” has been patented jointly with the leading physiotherapists. Get children away from the electronics with interactive fun that will entertain kids of all ages for hours.


Use your imagination, creativity, intelligence and have extra fun. Get moving and be active. Children will be hard at play, will make memories, learn important and natural developmental skills as they play.


There are multiple health benefits with this orthopedic mat that support motor skills, prevent flat feet, improve blood circulation, swollen legs and feet, developmental of the vestibular system and so much more.


Avoid a huge mess to clean after playtime by easily cleaning and storing when finished.


Ortonature mats have an increased armored grating on the inside, providing endurance, volume and height. Durable for any weight, size, and age. Environmentally friendly, nontoxic play mat, strong, non-sliding tiles.



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