Padded Sensory Barrel, Rocking Multi-Color Therapy Barrel, 36 in. Diameter 36 in. Height 18 in. Opening


Mollyball Padded Sensory Barrel

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Great for hours of motor planning and balance work!

Padded Sensory Barrel


April 7th

The Rocking Padded Sensory Barrel is perfect for improving stability, body and spacial awareness, balance development and valuable sensory stimulation. It is also ideal for use in a number of games at home, in class or during therapy sessions. The sensory barrel also makes a great tunnel for obstacle courses and children will love to climb through and on top of this therapeutic sensory barrel. The rounded shape of the Barrel encourages movement by rolling, pushing and pulling the barrel. In addition to the sensory stimulation, the sensory barrel also offers children a cozy, quiet personal space, ideal for use in a calming corner in classroom or at home.

How does a Sensory Barrel work?

A therapeutic Sensory Barrel facilitates exercises which engages postural and orienting reactions. In addition, the interaction facilitates isolating eye from head movement.
Although fairly large in size, the Sensory Barrel is very light weight with a large centre big enough for some adults to use it.

Who could benefit from using a Sensory Barrel?

  • Children with sensory processing disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.
  • The Sensory Barrel encourages movement and socialization for children with sensory processing disorder, autism and ADHD.
  • Children who could benefit from vestibular therapy. The Sensory Barrel provides total body rocking motion and vestibular therapy.

The Rocking Padded Sensory Barrel measures 36″x36″x38″ with a hole diameter of 18 inches and is made with durable 16oz CPSIA vinyl and stuffed with high density polyurethane.

Add a Sensory Barrel to to your activity program!

Because of its bulky and large size, Sensory Barrels ship Ground Transportation at a cost of $199.



A Sensory Barrel is a therapy tool that offers an ideal way for a child to develop improved balance, coordination and spacial orientation. Additionally, activities can be achieved with the aid of a therapist or parent, or independently. The Sensory Barrel is used to promote pediatric vestibular physical therapy. Also, the padded sensory barrel can be used in various settings, including schools, hospitals, in-home, and in sensory and behavioral therapy settings.

Vestibular stimulation is recognized as a therapeutic activity by behavioral specialists and child psychologists. The effect of the vestibular exercise create improved balance, coordination, and gait.

A sensory barrel can accommodate a small child up to an average-sized adult, depending on the activity. Therapists use sensory barrels in a range of therapeutic activities. For example, children can be encouraged to rock inside the barrel or climb on top of, or over the barrel. Rocking inside the barrel aids children in developing body control and gross motor coordination. Similarly, rolling in the barrel aids in the development of similar skills like weight-shifting, balance and coordination.

Who Benefits from a Sensory BARREL?

Special needs kids of all ages with sensory issues may benefit from using a Padded Sensory Barrel. In particular, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder benefit the use of a sensory barrel. Others with conditions like ADHD, Aspergers or ADHD may also benefit from using the barrel.

The durable design of the Padded Sensory Barrel makes it ideal for most children and average-size adults, depending on the type of therapy use. The barrel can be used to play games that encourage hand-eye coordination and movement. As an example, children can be encouraged to toss balls or bean bags into the opening of the sensory barrel while it is stationary, in either the upright or vertical position, or while it is in-motion – rolling.

How is a Sensory BARREL used?

sensory barrel

Therapists will always find new and creative ways to use the Padded Sensory Barrel. However, there are several common ways therapists incorporate the sensory barrel into therapy sessions with children. 

Many children will be more comfortable going through the sensory barrel once they have done it several times.

1. A child can pass through the barrel from one side to the other. This builds trust and confidence in the new tool and is the basis for additional exercises.

2. Once inside the barrel, the child may remain in the barrel while the therapist gently rocks the barrel in a rhythmic motion. This vestibular activity will lead to the child’s next step, using body motion and weight-shift to rock or roll the barrel independently.

3. A child can use his body to move towards the upper barrel wall while inside. This will cause the barrel to roll. Using weight-shift  to effect the barrel takes body control, and uses large muscle groups with vestibular effect.

4. Children will naturally gravitate to the barrels vibrant colors and climb on the barrel while in the vertical position. Children can be encouraged to safely climb and tumble on and around the sensory barrel.

5. Roll the barrel slowly and have the child attempt to throw beanbags or balls into the barrel opening. 

How much does a sensory barrel cost?

sensory barrel

A sensory barrel is a specialized piece of indoor exercise therapy equipment. Sensory Barrels are costly to manufacturer and large and bulky to ship. Freight costs are typically a substantial part of the purchase price of a sensory barrel.

The cost of a sensory barrel ranges between $700 – $1,600.

Additionally, shipping costs for a sensory barrel can be $200 or more depending on the shipping location.

What People Are Saying About The PADDED SENSORY BARREL

The kids gravitate to the bright colors of the barrel almost immediately when entering our gym. We use ours almost daily.



We have had our barrel for 2 months now and wish we had incorporated it into our therapy gym years ago. 

Sheryl J.


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