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Pro-Ed Real-World Reading 1, Digital Version CD


Pro-Ed Real-World Reading 1, Digital Version CD

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The SensoryStore.com proudly introduces the Pro-Ed Real-World Reading 1, Digital Version CD. Teach strategies for reading many different types of print found in the real world. Students learn survival reading techniques along with key vocabulary words for a variety of everyday texts, such as menus, labels, maps, bills, credit card statements, and job applications. Each unit begins with a lesson plan that provides ideas for helping students become familiar with a particular type of print. Both pre-reading and comprehension strategies are introduced along with ways to learn key vocabulary. Printable activity sheets include realistic graphics of each type of text to provide ‘real-life’ reading practice. Activities follow each lesson, allowing for extensive individual practice in reading and understanding the texts covered. Several ideas for fun and unique extension activities are also included. Unit assessments test students’ ability to read and interpret each type of text. Questions include matching, multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. Reading Level: 3 – 5. Interest Level: 5 – 12. Digital version CD-ROM contains PDFs that can be projected on IWB or printed.

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