Quiet Ears, Noise Reducing, Autism Headphone Earmuffs, Universal Fit from Toddlers to Young Adult


A Stylish Way To Reduce Outside Noises

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Protect little ears with the Sensory Store Quiet Ears – Autism Headphone Earmuffs. These economical earmuff headphones are fully adjustable to fit comfortably while still fitting securely over the ears for the best protection against loud noises and sound that can cause irritation to children with auditory sensitivity conditions.

Perfect for your child’s active lifestyle

Quiet Ears earmuff headphones in are designed to work in a variety of settings. From sporting events to concerts to noisy shopping centers, in vehicles, and busses and airports, your child’s ears stay shielded, safe and protected. They’re powerful enough to block out the loudest of sounds, from fireworks to power tools.

Comfortable enough for little ones

If it’s not comfy, kids won’t wear it. That’s why our Quiet Ears earmuffs are made for comfort and ease of use. Both ear cushions have plush padding to sit comfortably against the ears. Their lightweight and low profile design means kids won’t even remember they’re wearing them, even while enjoying their favorite activities. Plus, they’ll grow right along with your child thanks to a fully adjustable design. They fit children as young as infants all the way through adulthood.

Prevents overstimulation, for children on the autism spectrum

Young toddlers, or children with auditory processing issues or autism now have a stylish way to block outside noises to prevent overstimulation. These earmuff headphones will help lessen noises from crowds while out shopping, mom’s vacuum cleaner or rambunctious siblings playing in the next room. They offer your child a quiet “time out” to regroup, reducing behavior issues and undo stress.

Easy to carry, easy to store

The foldable headphone design is easy to transport in your purse or child’s backpack.

Made kid tough

The Quiet Ears autism headphones in are made from quality materials for maximum durability. In fact, they come with a five year warranty, so you can rest easy.

Noise Reduction Rating 25

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