Sensory Fidget Toys Box


Customer-favorite sensory fidget toys including 12 top sensory products.


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The Sensory Toys Fidget Products Box contains 12 customer-favorite fidget products that have proven to help provide sensory stimulation and entertainment for kids on the Autism Spectrum, with ADHD or other sensory input challenges. These are twelve (12) specially curated  sensory products that you shouldn’t be without.

The Sensory Products Box includes
1 – Color Mix
1 – Chewy Necklace by cHu-buDDy
1 – Knobby Chew
1 – Fidget Variety Pack (set of 5 fidgets)
1 – Mindful Wrist Fidget
1 – Snug Ear Protectors
1 – Set of 4 Pencil Fidgets
1 – Foam Alive Motion Magic

Color Mix is an entertaining liquid timer that includes two colors. As the colored bubbles drip down from the top of the timer, they gently float to the bottom, creating a captivating visual stimulation.

The “chewlery” as it’s called, or chewy necklace provides a safe chew that is always available around the child’s neck.  The knobby chew provides a textured surface for the child to explore with their mouth.

The fidget variety pack has 5 great fidgets for squeezing, twisting, flipping, spinning and stretching.  The Mindful wrist fidget provides a wearable fidget that is with you all day yet doesn’t stand out.

Snug Earmuffs provide about 30% reduction in outside noises allowing your child to turn down startling noises or focus on a task.

Pencil Fidgets (Set of 4 Pencils with Fidgets)  Have kids who break their pencils? Chew off their erasers? Destroy all their writing tools? Pencil Fidgets are the answer. This set of fidgets are a finger fantasy. Set includes four pencils, each with a different fidget (Spin Snapper, Nut N Bolt, Wingnut and Bump N Run Maze). So let them fidget and focus.

Introducing Foam Alive Motion Magic! A new compound that comes to life when you play with it! Compress it into any shape; a ball, mountain, square, any shape at all, and it slowly separates and starts to flow like magic. Almost looks like there is something alive inside of it!

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  • air walker sensory therapy swing in standing use position

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