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sensory steam roller deluxe

Sensory Steam Roller

Deluxe 4-Roller Model


The Sensory Steamrollers are innovative tools that offer a great way for a child to experience deep pressure stimulation independently. Kids simply squeeze themselves through articulating, padded rollers that are adjusted to varying degrees of compression using strong rubber tubes.

Deep pressure stimulation is recognized as a therapeutic activity by behavioral specialists and child psychologists. The effect of the physical pressure creates an enjoyable way to experience deep pressure stimulation.

Some children seek deep pressure sensations, and the Sensory Steamroller is a fun way to get it! Most kids will love the challenge of crawling between the rollers and being flattened by the Steamroller®.

The Steamroller® can accommodate a small child up to an average-sized adult. The pressure may be increased or decreased by adjusting the tension bands. Comes with (2) sets of bands so you can increase the pressure.

The amount of downward pressure from the top rollers is adjustable. Minimum pressure is achieved by hooking the bottom loop of the spring in the top hook of the bracket on each side. To increase the amount of pressure, move the spring loop downward and hook it on a lower hook. There are two spring loops per roller, one on each side. Both spring loops must be hooked on the same hook on each side to exert equal pressure on both sides. HOWEVER, you may adjust the pressure for one roller independently of the other. 

Sensory Steam Roller

Advantage 2-Roller Model

sensory steamroller advantage dual roller design

The Sensory Steamrollers Advantage model offers much of the same experience as the Deluxe model. However, the Advantage Steamroller includes 2 Rollers vs. 4 Rollers. The design creates less compression but is less expensive and takes up slightly less space compared to the Deluxe model.

Who could benefit from a Sensory Steamroller?

Kids of all ages with sensory issues may benefit from using a Sensory Steamroller. In particular, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder enjoy the deep pressure stimulation that comes from the Steamroller. Others with conditions like ADHD, Aspergers or ADHD may also benefit from using the device.

The robust design of the Steamroller makes it suitable for larger children and average-size adults. The tension of the rollers can be adjusted to meet the preferences of the child. To add more pressure, simply adjust the tension bands until the desired level of compression is reached.

Steamroller Deluxe

How do I introduce a child to the Sensory Steamroller?

Therapists will always find new and inventive ways to use the Sensory Steamroller device. However these suggestions will help make it easier and more comfortable to introduce children to the Steamroller (note, it is not necessary to follow exactly).

Many children will be more comfortable going through the Steamroller once they have done it a few times.

1. Adjust the springs on the sides to provide the amount of pressure as desired (see IMPORTANT NOTES below).

2. Kneel in front of the rollers. Try to kneel with your knees apart, so that you can keep your back flat as you push through.

3. Push yourself in between the rollers, hands and arms first (like Superman). It helps to turn your head to the side to keep your nose from getting squeezed too hard. Keep your back as flat as possible.

4. Push your arms, head, neck and shoulders through both sets of rollers. Once you are this far in, you may either continue through the rollers, or remain here and enjoy the deep pressure. You may also roll back and forth as desired.

Safe operation of a Sensory Steamroller

The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match, yet challenge their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting / safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. The Southpaw Sensory Steamroller is not intended for recreational or outdoor use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision.

This information is for example only. It is not meant to, in any way, replace local, county, state, or Federal standards. Be aware – it is your responsibility to find all pertinent safety information that pertains to your facility.