Sensory Therapy Gonge Stones


Balance product for building core stability.


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The Gonge Stones are created to improve stability and coordination in a fun way. Their design comes from stepping stones found in rivers.
You place the stones on the floor so the children can jump from stone to without landing on the floor. You can change the arrangement of the stones to make it more challenging for users.

All the stones come with rubber studs on the bottom to avoid slipping accidents and protect the indoor floor.
The Gonge Riverstones are great for challenging kids in energetic imaginative ways. They help improve the user’s confidence when balancing, jumping and judging distances between stones.

This product is available in:
A set of 6 stones measuring about 220lbs

A set of 3 big stones measuring about 1ft2inches wide x 3 inches high

A set of small stones measuring about 10 inches wide x 2 inches high

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