Spin Disc – Sensory Sit-n-Spin Spinner – Discontinued 1-23-2023

Your momentum makes it work! Just sit-n-spin for a fun sensory experience.

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The SensoryStore.com’s newest favorite!

  • Dizzy Disc Original
    Dizzy Disc Original Sensory Spinner has a 16″ Plastic Rotary Top.
  • The one-of-a-kind adjustable tilt allows for a progressive inclination of slope offering a more dynamic design offering multiple planes of movement. In other words unlike any other sit-n-spinner, you can adjust the tilt angle. This allows for different sensory spinning experiences with one product.
  • The Dizzy Disk Original Sensory Spinner comes with a 2 Year Warranty unlike other Spinners.
  • The Dizzy Disk Original sensory spinner is Made in the USA and comes fully assembled right out of the Box.

  • The Dizzy Disk Original sensory spin disc is a must-have Sensory Tool for kids with sensory processing issues, like autism, ADHD or those who could benefit from vestibular stimulation.
  • The Disk works by using your weight, shifting back-and-forth, up over the tilt angle and down again, creating momentum. It’s super easy and super fun for anyone up to 125 pounds.
  • The Dizzy Disk Original sensory spin disc is a great balance tool that also provides opportunity for core strengthening and improved coordination. In addition, the Dizzy Disk has been robustly designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and is constructed of durable heavy-gauge plastic.
  • By physically altering the child’s position on the disk and shifting their weight, the tilt angle is what allows the generation of kinetic energy to produce the Dizzy Disk’s spinning motion – The child is literally the power source for the Disk.
  • Further more, this upper body movement and spinning motion create a great source of vestibular input.
  • Where can I use the Dizzy Disk? You can use the Dizzy Disk anywhere that provides enough space to safely enjoy the spinning activity. Specifically, the Spin Disk can be used at home, at school, at work, or in a clinic.
  • Lastly, you can use the Spin Disk with a number of body positions to vary the Spin Disk experience.  For example, the Spin Disk can be used while sitting, kneeling or laying to spin around and see an entirely different visual and sensory perspective.
  • Just sit-n-spin on the Spin Disk unique oblong base  measuring (26 in. Long  x 24 in. Wide) that spins freely on a an adjustable degree angle.  Spin Disk is a great balance training device which helps builds core strength and gross motor coordination. The Dizzy Disk sensory spinning disk is an ideal sensory integration tool for kids, clinics and schools.

Dizzy Disc Specifications:
Weight: 16 lbs.
Dimensions: 26 in. Long x 24 in. Wide
Color: Multi-Color may vary.
Weight Capacity: 125 pounds

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