Therapist Software and Activity Kit


Therapist Software and Activity Kit


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The SensoryStore.com proudly introduces the Therapist Software and Activity Kit!

With SticKids Software you can create color home programs or classroom “sensory diets” that are perfectly individualized with this easy-to-use software. Plus, the therapist version allows more detailed customization. This program is ideal for kids who have language impairments, with its adorable stick figures demonstrating the action. Whether helping typical kids or those with sensory processing disorder, ADD, autistic spectrum…this program is for you! Parents enjoy having the software at home, teachers can design classroom activities and therapists adore saving time on paperwork and planning. Activity Categories Include: Motion, Pressure n Touch, Heavy Work, Routines n Planning, Retreat, Tips, Tools n Doing and Suck, Chew n Breath. Create weekly, monthly or group planners. We love to have insightful children and teens help! Requires CD drive to run program. Single site use. Minimum requirements: Pentium 200, VGA 800 x 600, 64MB RAM, 200MB disk space, Windows98 or newer and color printer.

Software And Activity Kit
Provides user friendly therapeutic strategies to support Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration and motor challenged children
Easily create unlimited visual aides of trackers, planners, games and activity cards for daily functional events, sensory diets and cognitive self regulation
Deluxe version originally designed for therapist but now available for all
For use at school, home and in the community

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