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Timer PLUS


Helps teach children the concept of elapsed time and eases transition.

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A favorite among parents, professionals and students, the Time Timer PLUS is loaded with incredible features and a brand new durable design. Perfect for a meeting-filled day or for energetic children, the Timer PLUS has a long-lasting clear lens and a solid case to shield its original red disk. In addition, its added handle makes the Timer easy to take anywhere.

This Timer PLUS is perfect for improving the productivity of homework and practice sessions, lessening disputes in household and family schedules, handling the pressure of transitions by displaying leftover time, teaching kids about lapsed time and improving test performance at work. It also helps keep meetings on schedule, bypass culture and language barriers, and enable teachers do their actual work rather than continuously supervising behaviour.

New volume control knob (for louder tone)
Easy-to-carry anti-static disk
Quietly functions
Size: 5.5″ x 7Ó

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