Twiddle Nathan


Find that “Just-Right Zone”


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Check out the Twiddle Nathan!

People on the Autism Spectrum can suffer from anxiety, agitation, and depression. They can be easily distracted or distracting to others.

They also are very sensitive and discriminating when it comes to tactile stimulation, and the fidgets that help them self-regulate and find that “just-right zone”. What helps one person can be ineffective, even aggravating, to another person on the Spectrum.

With all that in mind, the Twiddle Nathan was designed.

Twiddle Nathan is a lightly weighted, therapeutic activity/comfort aid. To support personal preferences, fidgets are attached with ribbon loops that snap to enable switching around and substituting fidgets, including the ones already owned by the user.

The product helps users find that “just-right zone” for maintaining attention and appropriate behavior for tasks and activities. It can also assist in developing or regaining fine motor control and skills and improving strength and dexterity.

The included Velcro pull-tab can attach the TwiddleNathan to a backpack, belt, walker, or wheelchair. Machine-washable.

Materials: faux suede and various plush materials, ribbons, snaps, zipper, Velcro, and various fidget attachments (all US & EU safety-tested).

Measures 9-1/2″ long x 6″ in diameter.