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Weighted Comfy Vest

Wonderful aid to deal with difficult behavioral issues associated wityh sensory disorders.

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What this Soft Weighted Vest does is give the wearerÕs body extra input to the joints and muscles, offering more information to the proprioceptive system. Children with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurological issues frequently react positively to pressure or weight.

The Weighted Vest is made in a way that enables the caregiver or therapist modify the quantity and allotment of weight for a single child or several, via the eight internal pockets at the sides, front and back. At the shoulders and sides are hook and loop closures that facilitate easy positioning and adjustment. The side closures close to the back help avoid unnecessary removal or adjustment. Additional fabric at the side closure extends to give allowance for growth while the lower portion of the vest is foldable for adjustment purposes when persons with short midsections wear the vest.

The Vest is made from comfy long-lasting flame resistant polyester and can be machine laundered (without the weights).
It is highly advisable to use 5% of the clientÕs weight when using the vest. Please see the childÕs therapist to get the right recommendation that suits the wearerÕs need.

Measure from shoulder to waist for length and around the chest for width
Colors range by size.

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Weight1 lbs
Soft Weighted Vest

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