Wikki Stix Yarn and Wax Sticks (Pack of 3 Sets of 48 – Neon Colors)


Wikki Stix Yarn and Wax Sticks (Pack of 3 Sets of 48 – Neon Colors)


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The SensoryStore.com proudly introduces the Wikki Stix Yarn and Wax Sticks!

These re-usable Wikki Stix magically bend and stick to smooth surfaces. They won’t break apart, but they can be cut with scissors. Nice for finger strengthening as well as letter formation, designs, tracing, 3-D creativity, manipulation and more. Non-toxic. Formulated from yarn and wax. Neon colors are sold in set of three packages of 48 each (144 total.)*Teacher Tip: Here are some simple ideas for PreWriting Fun! These activities will strengthen the muscles that will be used in writing and teach letter formation: Draw a huge letter in chalk or tape on your floor, and have the kids crab walk, or wheelbarrow walk on the letter On the dry erase board, use a large 4 inch paintbrush to make the huge letter disappear by tracing over it with the brush. Try this outside on the sidewalk with a pail of water. Have the kids press Wikki Stix on a paper size letter. Place another paper over it and make a crayon rubbing

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