Auditory Earmuffs – Black


A Stylish Way To Block Outside Noises


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These Black Earmuffs are super protective and comfy. They are completely adjustable to guard small ears against loud sounds that can set off hearing issues. The muffs are ideal for wearing during concerts, sporting events, at airports and in shopping centres.

Keep your kidÕs ears safe from disturbing noises from equipments like power tools and gardening equipment. They muffs are lightweight with lush padding that rests easily on the ears. Infants, children and even adults would appreciate the benefit of this muff.

For toddlers or children on the autism spectrum and those dealing with auditory challenges, the earmuffs aid in reducing overstimulation that may lead to behavioural stress.

Easy to store and carry (in backpack)
Made from premium long-lasting materials
Comes with five year warranty

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