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New to Autism? A Package for You!

Author(s): Ellen Notbohm, James Ball, Carol Gray, Temple Grandin, Maria Wheeler, Beth Fouse, Sheila Wagner

This package of resources is your Autism 101 – and maybe 102 and 103! Begin with Jim Ball’s Early Intervention and Autism, a book written for every parent of a newly diagnosed child. Maria Wheeler’s Toilet Training was the first book to address this issue in terms of the unique challenges of autism, and it remains the best advice on the topic.

The IEP process can seem quite daunting for parents and educators alike, but Inclusive Programming and Creating a Win-Win IEP will walk you through the tough stuff so your child or student gets the most out of school.

For those not-so-great behavior moments, A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies will be just that. Carol Gray’s famous Social Stories are also a proven solution to those occasions, and her DVD will teach you how to write stories that are amazingly effective.

Ten Things Every Child remains one of the bestselling autism books of all time, providing insight from a child’s perspective. From the perspective of the most successful adult with autism to date, Dr. Temple Grandin provides 90 minutes of advice in her new DVD. Finally, lighten your heart with Laughing and Loving, a compilation of heartwarming stories written by caregivers in appreciation of people on the spectrum.

Parents and educators – begin here! This package includes:

  • Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew, by Ellen Notbohm
  • Early Intervention & Autism: Real-life Questions, Real-life Answers, by Jim Ball
  • Laughing and Loving with Autism, compiled by Wayne Gilpin
  • Temple Grandin New Presentation 2014 DVD
  • Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students with Autism, by Sheila Wagner
  • Creating a Win-Win IEP for Students with Autism, by Beth Fouse
  • A Treasure Chest of Behavior Strategies for Individuals with Autism, by Beth Fouse and Maria Wheeler
  • Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray DVD and accompanying booklet
  • Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism, by Maria Wheeler in the Community










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